Shift 5: From Insights as a Function to a Culture of Consumer Obsession

The Challenge

Because many healthcare organizations are in the early phases of being truly consumer centric, they aren’t set up for success. They typically lack the right people to have a robust insights team, the right processes to embed insights into decision making, nor the right culture to keep the voice of the consumer front and center at all times.

The Solution

Organizations can create an Insights Operating System to move from simply gathering data to infusing the right data, insights, and analytics into every decision. An IOS fuels an organization’s ability to continuously update products, programs and experiences to satisfy changing expectations.

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How to make this shift

Create a "customer-intelligence engine"

To collect the data necessary for a holistic view of the consumer, the insights team at the center should have a myriad of skills, balancing experts on human behavior and data junkies.

Establish repeatable processes

It is critical that processes between BUs, service lines and the consumer intelligence engine are set up to ensure that the learning unearthed by the intelligence team is useful and disseminated through the organization.

Build a culture of consumer obsession

Consumer insights should become something that all employees intuitively call upon for decision making and consider in their day-to-day work.

Angela Hwang

Angela Hwang

Global President, Inflammation and Immunology, Pfizer

We have to make sure that everything we do from drug development to market launch is with the patient front and center.


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