Shift 2: From Fragmented Care to Connected Ecosystems

The Challenge

Imagine a patient with a bad knee who is told the best solution is a knee replacement. It is now his job to schedule an appointment with the surgeon, contact the insurance company about coverage and act as a liaison between his payer and provider.

It should be easier for consumers like this patient to navigate the process of receiving and paying for care, but since payers and providers don’t communicate with each other there are significant obstacles to effective care.

The Solution

Imagine if the patient’s healthcare experience had been more connected. His provider and payer would have communicated the estimated cost without making him call his payer. Medication discounts would have been automatically applied and the pharmacy would have handled the refills without the patient having to remember. The patient would save a lot of time and energy in a more connected system that he could dedicate to recovering and getting back to doing the things he likes to do when he is healthy.

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How to make this shift


The organization offers a drug, service or plan for patients with a certain condition. This is the primary product.

Product Plus

The organization evolves to offer this drug, service or plan along with “wrap around” services such as educational materials, patient support programs and other digital tools. The primary objective is still to sell the product, but also to augment it and drive differentiation.

Plus Product

In this stage, the organization takes a “solution” approach to solving the patient’s problem, layering in products and services as needed to drive the desired outcome. The components will often fall outside the walls of a single organization, requiring coordination and partnership.

Jeff Dachis

Jeff Dachis

CEO, One Drop

The system is so fragmented.
It is a burden on patients and it is incredibly disempowering.


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