Shift 1: From Tactical Fixes to a Holistic Experience Strategy

Many healthcare organizations have one-off customer experience (CX) initiatives instead of creating a cohesive journey that leads to a broader strategy.

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Shift 2: From Fragmented Care to Connected Ecosystems

Consumers should be able to easily navigate receiving and paying for their care but the lack of communication between payers and providers create significant obstacles.

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Shift 3: From Population-Centric to Person-Centered

Healthcare organizations need to learn how to tailor experiences that engage consumers in a way that helps them get and stay healthy.

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Shift 4: From Incremental Improvements to Pervasive Innovation

Healthcare organizations must foster a stronger culture of commercial innovation while being mindful of their responsibilities to provide safe and effective care.

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Shift 5: From Insights as a Department to a Culture of Consumer Obsession

To become truly consumer-centric healthcare organizations need to move from simply gathering data to infusing the right insights and analytics to create a culture of customer obsession.

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